Ryanair Holdings will place some of its incoming B737-8-200s with the group's Polish unit, currently known as Ryanair Sun (Warsaw Modlin) but in the process of rebranding as Buzz (Poland) (RR, Warsaw Modlin).

According to the ch-aviation fleets advanced module, the first three MAX 8-200s for the Polish airline will be SP-RZA (msn 62314), SP-RZB (msn 62313), and SP-RZC (msn 62315). According to photos available online, the aircraft have already been painted into the Buzz livery and remain in storage at Renton airport.

However, the delivery timeline remains uncertain. While the B737 MAX Family, in general, has yet to be recertified following the grounding in mid-March 2019, the -200 variant has not yet been certified at all by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The derivative of the MAX 8 has a higher capacity and an additional exit door. According to The Air Current, a "design issue" separate from the MCAS-related woes is likely to delay the certification of the -200 even more.

Ryanair (FR, Dublin International) initially planned to receive its first twenty-five B737-8-200s by the end of 2019 and another twenty-five during the first quarter of 2020. Due to the grounding of the entire family and the design issues specific to the -200 variant, it now expects not more than ten aircraft before the peak Summer 2020 season.

Ryanair has 135 firm orders for the B737-8-200s directly from Boeing and is one of only two customers for the type globally, besides VietJetAir (VJ, Hanoi), which has 200 units on order.

Twenty-three B737-8-200s for the Irish airline are currently in storage after leaving the final assembly line.

Ryanair Sun/Buzz currently operates thirty-two B737-800s. The Polish unit was initially launched as a charter airline before transitioning to a scheduled low-cost carrier. All of its aircraft are sporting a livery nearly identical to Ryanair's at this moment. Chief Executive Michał Kaczmarzyk told ch-aviation earlier this year that the new Buzz livery will be applied to newly delivered aircraft only.

The group also includes Malta Air (MAY, Malta International), which operates forty-eight B737-800s and does not have any confirmed MAX 8-200 deliveries so far, as well as Airbus-operator Lauda (Vienna). Ryanair UK (RK, London Stansted) operates a single B737-800.