The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has lifted the flight suspension that grounded Asia Pacific Airlines (Guam) (P9, Guam International) services. The airline has recently operated proving flights with one of their B757-200(PCF)s before resuming operations on one route on May 5.

The FAA revoked the operating authority of Asia Pacific Airlines in early February, saying "the carrier was unable to demonstrate that its pilots were properly trained," a claim the carrier fiercely rejected. Nonetheless, the airline's fleet of three B757-200(PCF)s and one B757-200(PF) stayed on the ground for three months, causing enormous disruptions across several isolated Southwest Pacific countries that relied on the airline to ferry essential freight in and out.

"The FAA restored the operating certificate for Aero Micronesia Inc., doing business as Asia Pacific, on Thursday, May 4," an FAA spokesperson told ch-aviation. "The carrier completed the steps we laid out with respect to training and record-keeping."

Asia Pacific Airlines President Adam Ferguson told ch-aviation says the airline has new instructors trained, all new pilot training has commenced, crews have returned to base, and revenue flights have recommenced. On May 4, one of the B757-200(PCF)s registered as N688SL (msn A9228A) operated a proving flight around Honolulu. On May 5, it operated the carrier's first scheduled service in over three months, flying a Honolulu - Pago Pago roundtrip. Early this week, the aircraft is operating a roundtrip to Majuro before flying to Guam on May 10. On May 12, a second B757-200(PCF) registered as N888LT (msn 25441) will resume revenue operations, flying a Guam - Majuro - Honolulu rotation.

Ferguson says Asia Pacific Airlines appealed the FAA grounding, with the appeal heard by the NTSB. "Many of the allegations were dismissed," he said.