SpiceXpress (Delhi International) is set to add its first B737-800(BDSF), marking the -800 freighter variant's return to service for the Indian cargo specialist after almost a year, Cargo Facts has reported.

An 18.9-year-old jet formerly operated by Virgin Australia and owned by World Star Aviation, N340WS (msn 34014) is completing P2F conversion at the Bedek Lingyun (Yichang) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering facility at Yichang.

SpiceXpress expects to take more B737-800(BDSF)s from World Star which currently has two more units under conversion at Yichang, according to the ch-aviation fleets ownership module.

The aircraft will be the first Israel Aerospace Industries B737-800 conversion to operate in India. During its previous -800 dealings, the SpiceJet (SG, Delhi International) subsidiary operated two B737-800(BCF)s which were retired in August and September 2022. Since then, SpiceXpress has focused on its fleet of three B737-700(BDSF)s, the ch-aviation fleets module shows. Currently, only one of the trio is active, with the other two stored at Mumbai International since mid-February 2023 and at Delhi International since late May 2023. The only active freighter is based out of Kolkata and operates mainly to South-East Asia, Kathmandu, and Delhi International.