A flare-up of violence between two rival factions controlling Libya's capital, Tripoli, has forced airlines to temporarily relocate operations from Tripoli Mitiga to Misurata.

Libyan Wings (YL, Tripoli Mitiga) suspended all flights from Tripoli on August 14, moving all four of its A319-100 to Misurata. The carrier operated a single flight from Tripoli to Istanbul Airport on August 15, but the return leg was diverted to Misurata. However, as the clashes calmed down, the airline announced that flights from the capital would resume on August 16. Libyan Airlines (LN, Tripoli Mitiga) is also returning to Tripoli on August 16 after one day of operating from Misurata.

Afriqiyah Airways (8U, Tripoli Mitiga) and Berniq Airways (NB, Benghazi) relocated all of their Tripoli flights to Misurata on August 15-16 and have yet to announce a return to the capital airport.

FLY OYA (YI, Tripoli Mitiga) moved its August 15 departures to Misurata but restarted flights from Tripoli the day after. The events forced the carrier to delay the inaugural service to Ghat, an interior city in western Libya, where it will become the only scheduled airline.

Tunisair (TU, Tunis) cancelled its services to Mitiga for the time being.

The intense but local clashes erupted after the Special Deterrence Force, a militia that controls Mitiga airport, detained Mahmoud Hamza, the commander of the 444th Brigade, which controls the city. Hamza was released on August 15 after the internationally-recognised Government of National Unity mediated with both militias. The violence did not affect Misurata or the eastern gateway, Benghazi.