BermudAir (2T, Bermuda) has announced the start of commercial flights between Bermuda and the United States on August 31, 2023, following the recent arrival of the first of its two E175SDs in the North Atlantic British island territory.

Six weekly flights connecting Bermuda to Boston and White Plains commence on August 31, with six-weekly services to Fort Lauderdale International beginning on September 22.

Its first jet, VQ-BLU (msn 17000344), arrived from Muskoka, Canada, on August 19, marking another milestone towards the launch, a spokeswoman informed ch-aviation. "We are getting closer to the launch now, and the first aircraft being in Bermuda is part of that. It's on the island for reviews by the Bermuda aviation authorities to complete the local regulatory process."

The company earlier confirmed to ch-aviation it had signed a lease contract for two E175s from Azorra Aviation, with VQ-BLU delivered to Muskoka in April. The second unit, VQ-BLW (msn 17000351) was delivered in May and arrived in Canada on July 19, according to ADS-B data.

The 30-seater E175s feature an executive layout as the business plan is to cater to premium-class passengers. According to the spokeswoman, the aircraft were delivered to Canada first for refitting.

BermudAir is the brainchild of Canadian banker Adam Scott and reportedly has backing from a host of high-profile Bermudians. It plans services between Bermuda and the United States, specifically White Plains, Boston, and Fort Lauderdale Executive.

Earlier this month, the company was granted a two-year exemption authority from the US Department of Transportation (DOT), or until a requested US foreign air carrier permit becomes effective, whichever occurs earlier. It already secured an air operator's certificate (AOC) from the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) on July 25.