Avelo Airlines (XP, Burbank) is adding five Boeing B737NGs currently operating for GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes (G3, São Paulo Congonhas), the company confirmed in an interview for Aviation Week. However, the actual arrival dates of these aircraft are still pending the Brazilian carrier’s ongoing Chapter 11 restructuring process in the United States.

In a statement sent to ch-aviation, Avelo Airlines confirmed that five ex-GOL twinjets would join its fleet later this year and early next year. However, it declined to provide their registrations or serial numbers.

Trevor Yealy, Avelo’s commercial chief, told Aviation Week the delivery times depend entirely on GOL giving the airframes back to the leasing company on time. Moreover, it is looking to add more B737NGs beyond those from the Brazilian airline and has signed other letters of intent.

Meanwhile, a GOL Linhas Aéreas spokesperson told ch-aviation that the Brazilian carrier had not had any direct talks with Avelo Airlines. The airline's B737NG fleet is currently being replaced with the newer B737-8s. Between December and January, the company received five new airframes of the type, which are already operative. The ch-aviation fleets history module shows the airline returned four B737-700s and seven B737-800s in 2023, and a further one -700 and one -800 in 2024 so far. The carrier is set to publish its full 2023 financial results in March, updating on the state of its fleet.

The Brazilian company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring in January 2024. The future of its fleet has already been put under question after LATAM Airlines Brasil allegedly interfered with GOL’s aircraft leases, sending a letter to lessors seeking B737s.

The ch-aviation fleets module shows GOL Linhas Aéreas operates a fleet of 140 aircraft, including fifteen B737-700s, forty-five B737-8s, seventy-four B737-800s, and six B737-800(BCF)s. It leases 138 planes through 22 leasing companies, while its owned fleet comprises just one B737-700, two B737-800s, and two B737-8s.

Avelo Airlines' fleet comprises 16 jets, including seven B737-700s and nine B737-800s. These are all leased through seven leasing companies.