Lufthansa Group is losing around EUR500 million euros (USD542 million) on an annualised basis due to the late deliveries of aircraft, CEO Carsten Spohr told Reuters at a business press event in Stuttgart.

The current supply chain bottlenecks are having a "brutal" impact on the company, he conceded, as "no planes arrive on time". He expects the impact of the issues to continue beyond 2030.

The ch-aviation fleets module shows that Lufthansa has unfilled orders for 229 aircraft directly from manufacturers, including forty A220-300s, thirty-three A320-200Ns, seventeen A321-200NX, twenty-nine A350-900s, ten A350-1000s, forty B737-8s, one B777-200F, seven B777-8Fs, twenty B777-9s, and thirty-four B787-9s. While the orders are allocated to the German carrier, some aircraft will be delivered to its subsidiaries. Swiss has a standalone order for nine A320-200Ns and five A321-200NX.

ITA Airways, which is due to become the newest subsidiary of Lufthansa Group after the European Commission approved the takeover, has its own orders for five A220-100s, eleven A320-200Ns, and nine A330-900s.

These numbers exclude aircraft sourced through lessors.

New deliveries are necessary not just to match market growth but also to compensate for grounded aircraft. Spohr revealed that around 100 of the group's approximately 750 aircraft are currently stored either due to maintenance or retirement. The holding has been open about the impact Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engine issues have had on its fleet. In terms of Lufthansa's fleet alone, thirteen of its thirty A320-200Ns and seven of its seventeen A321-200NX are currently inactive.

The group's total revenues in 2023 hit EUR35.4 billion (USD38.4 billion). During the most recent investor call, covering the first quarter of 2024, Chief Financial Officer Remco Steenbergen said discussions with Pratt & Whitney about compensation related to the PW1100G engine issues were ongoing. While Lufthansa had hoped to conclude the negotiations in the second quarter, it has not yet released any information as to whether any deal was reached.