Canada Jetlines (AU, Toronto Pearson) has announced it has tentatively rescheduled its debut to August 29, 2022, subject to receipt of final licensing approval.

The inaugural flights of the Canadian leisure startup were initially planned for August 15 out of its hub at Toronto Pearson to Winnipeg International and Moncton, but have been rescheduled subject to receipt of final licensing approval.

Chief Executive Officer Eddy Doyle, in a statement, said Jetlines was working closely with Transport Canada (TC) and the Canadian Transportation Association, who were currently evaluating all completed documentation required for its application. The company said it remained optimistic about the regulatory process. Meantime, it continued to build strategic partnerships with destinations, travel agencies, and airports as part of its five-year strategy.

The company said it was selling tickets following an exemption from the application of section 59 of the Canada Transportation Act. "This exemption allows Canada Jetlines to sell tickets for air travel before issuance of its license. Jetlines' air service is subject to the Canadian Transportation Agency's approval, and all prospective passengers will be informed before a reservation is made or a ticket is issued that the air service is subject to the Canadian Transportation Agency's approval," it stated.

The nascent carrier currently leases a single A320-200 from Jackson Square Aviation, according to the ch-aviation fleets advanced module. It intends to grow its Airbus fleet to 15 aircraft by 2025.

The business model foresees Jetlines providing Canadians with value vacation packages to leisure destinations within Canada, the US, Cuba, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Antigua, the Bahamas, and other Caribbean nations.