GLOBALX (G6, Miami International) took delivery of its first A321-200(P2F) on January 24, 2023, a few weeks behind schedule.

N410GX (msn 1199) was ferried from Kansas City International to Miami International after earlier conversion at San Antonio International. The carrier's second freighter, A321-200(PCF) N1438 (msn 1438), has already been converted but requires additional modification to secure FAA compliance. It will be re-registered as N411GX ahead of the delivery. GLOBALX hoped to take both aircraft by the end of 2022 as a part of its fleet growth programme okayed by the US Department of Transportation in November.

GLOBALX's second A321-200(P2F), N1207A (msn 1207), is undergoing maintenance at Montpellier, the ch-aviation fleets advanced module shows.

The carrier's first freighter will join the fleet of eight in-house passenger aircraft, including six A320-200s and two A321-200s. The airline also wet-leases one A321-200 from Aruba Airlines (AG, Aruba). It is planning to induct another A320 in February 2023. Its first A319-100 is undergoing gear maintenance ahead of delivery, ch-aviation understands.

While it currently focuses on passenger charter operations, GLOBALX is looking to an eventual 50/50 split between passenger and cargo operations by 2025.