Afriqiyah Airways (8U, Tripoli Mitiga) has withdrawn one of its three A319-100s from active duty after it was randomly shot at while on the ground at Tripoli Mitiga this past week.

The carrier confirmed in a statement that 5A-OND (msn 3657) was on the ramp at Mitiga when an unknown gunman fired in the vicinity of the aircraft. No casualties were reported and although the extent of the damage incurred was not specified, initial inspections suggested it could be "light/superficial".

The aircraft is expected to be out of service for "a few weeks".

Libya's overall security situation remains precarious despite the Tripoli-based coalition government's efforts to restore centralised rule to vast swathes of the country.

Earlier this month, Libyan Airlines (LN, Tripoli Mitiga) chief executive Fathi Al-Shatti was released after being held by unknown kidnappers for forty-seven days.