Transaero Airlines (UN, Moscow Vnukovo) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alexander Burdin says the bankrupt carrier is currently exploring several options insofar as the resumption of full flight operations is concerned.

Speaking to TASS, Burdin said that in the event Transaero's attempt to reinstate its Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) through the courts fails, it would consider either applying for a fresh AOC or merging, acquiring or cooperating with an existing, fully certified airline. According to Burdin, this is the only way for any of Transaero's creditors to get back any of the over RUB250 billion (USD3.72 billion) it owes.

The carrier's board is looking to put together a proposal for creditors in which they will outline the proposed restoration of operations and with that, a revised debt restructuring scheme.

Burdin said a revived Transaero would likely specialize in Russian Far East flights using a fleet of B737NGs, SSJ 100/95s, and Irkut MC-21s.