Israeli carriers may be forced to suspend flights to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) following a disagreement between Israel's internal security service (Shin Bet) and the security authorities in Dubai.

The Jerusalem Post said in its report that the dispute centres on Shin Bet's inability to provide Israeli airlines with the necessary security at Dubai Int'l.

“Over the past few months, security disputes have been revealed between the competent bodies in Dubai and the Israeli aviation security system in a way that does not allow for the responsible enactment of security for Israeli aviation,” the agency told the newspaper in a statement.

At present, El Al Israel Airlines, Arkia Israeli Airlines, and Israir all offer scheduled flights to Dubai from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion. The possibility of transferring their flights to Abu Dhabi Int'l is being examined should no acceptable solution be found in Dubai.

“It should be emphasised that the disputes are [regarding] a security basis that is contrary to the standards used at the airport in Dubai and do not come from a political or regional basis at all," Shin Bet said.

Besides the Israeli carriers, Emirates and flydubai offer regular flights between Dubai and Tel Aviv while Etihad Airways and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi serve the Israeli metropolis from Abu Dhabi.

Given a history of hijackings and bombings, Shin Bet's services are used to ensure Israeli carriers are adequately protected during operations in foreign countries.

On January 18, Iran-backed Houthi rebels from Yemen launched drone strikes near Abu Dhabi airport that killed three people. Six days later, the UAE intercepted two ballistic missiles, again launched by the Houthis, that targeted Abu Dhabi.