Dutch Antilles Express (9H, Curacao) plans to lease ex-Meridiana fly (IG, Olbia) MD-83 N307MS from US lessor Jetran International as the first of two MD-83s it will operate on its own air operator certificate. The Curacao based carrier has recently been fully acquired by former Aeropostal - Alas de Venezuela (ALV, Caracas Simón Bolivar) owner Nelson Ramiz after a period of restructuring. DAE plans to use the aircraft to launch new routes from Curacao to Lima Int'l and Quito Int'l later this year. It also plans to replace Fokker 100s on routes to Maracaibo and Valencia Arturo Michelena Int'l. DAE currently already uses various MD-83s wet-lease from Falcon Air Express (6F, Miami Int'l) for its twice daily service between Curacao and Miami Int'l since it cannot operate to the US with its own aircraft due to Curacao's Category 2 status with the US Federal Aviation Administration. It plans to eventually replace the MD-83s and Fokker 100s with newer A319-100s and A320-200s once it is allowed to serve the US itself again.