Vision Air International (Pakistan) (VIS, Karachi Int'l) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Sialkot International Airport to establish a cargo base and a maintenance hub at the northern Pakistani gateway as well as grow its network.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Aijaz Ali Faizi underlined that Sialkot could serve as a cargo hub connecting South-East Asia and Europe. The proposed MRO base would proffer its services to both domestic and foreign airlines, not being limited to Vision Air's in-house needs.

The MOU did not outline a timeline for the developments at Sialkot airport.

While serving one of the richest and most industrialised regions of Pakistan, Sialkot airport currently has no based carriers and does not see any scheduled cargo services. Airport chairman Mian Naeem Javed said that it was currently operating at 20% of its capacity and could support much larger cargo traffic.

Vision Air International operates two B737-300(QC)s, the ch-aviation fleets advanced module shows, of which only one is currently active, mostly plying the Karachi Int'l-Lahore Int'l route. The aircraft is also deployed on occasional international routes throughout the Gulf area.