Air Transport Services Group has placed an order with Boeing for the conversion of four B767-300(ER)s owned by the holding and currently operated in passenger configuration in its first-ever deal with the manufacturer to convert its own aircraft.

"Our continued confidence in the B767-300 platform, now coupled with the services and support of the OEM, reinforces our commitment to deliver best-in-class reliable services to our customers. We're proud to partner with Boeing as we expand our fleet to meet growing demand and look forward to future growth together," Chief Commercial Officer Mike Berger said.

The holding currently owns nineteen B767-300(ER)s through its in-house leasing arm, Cargo Aircraft Management. The ch-aviation fleets advanced module shows that seven of these units are already under conversion (including two for Air Canada). Omni Air International, another ATSG subsidiary, operates six units, while Delta Air Lines has three B767-300(ER)s leased from ATSG, all of which are in storage.

"Our feedstock is sourced from a variety of origins and passenger aircraft so the feedstock to fill these specific slots could change... Specific customer assignments could change, but strong customer demand for converted 767 freighters is the driver in seeking a second conversion source at this time," an ATSG spokeswoman told ch-aviation.

While ATSG is already the world's largest operator of B767-300 converted freighters, thus far, it has preferred the B767-300(ERBDSF) variant converted by Israel Aerospace Industries. Cargo Aircraft Management owns 57 units of this variant, in contrast to just four -300(ERBCF)s. The latter are currently operated by ATI - Air Transport International (an ATSG company - two units), Cargojet Airways, and UPS Airlines (one each). In addition to units owned by Cargo Aircraft Management, ATI also operates three B767-300 converted freighters leased from Titan Aviation Holdings (two) and (one). Cargo Aircraft Management's portfolio of converted B767s also comprises thirty B767-200(SF)s, four B767-200(BDSF)s, and a single B767-200(ERBDSF).

ATSG expects the first BCF aircraft to enter conversion in August 2022, the second one in December 2022, and the other two in 2023. All four will be delivered by 2024.

The second-largest owned of B767-300 converted freighters in the world is Titan Aviation Holdings with just 21 units: eight -300(ERBCF)s and thirteen -300(ERBDSF)s, the ch-aviation fleets ownership module shows.

ATSG owns PEMCO Conversions, but the firm deals exclusively with narrowbody conversions, owning Supplemental Type Certificates for the B737-300, B737-400, and B737-700 types.

The holding declined to identify the four B767-300(ER)s.